About Us

About Us

Company founder; they have a child, in order to let their kids can grow up healthily, they are very concerned about water problem, and have paid considerable attention to the issues of the risks and consequences of water pollution. Originally two parents exchanged ideas, and then they began to share their experience and knowledge with other parents.

Because two founders share the same philosophy on children health, they jointly set up the company. Proving high-quality water is the company’s main business, but gradually more water-related products are introduced into the market.

The company most concerned for their customers’ health as they are family and friends. The company aims at improving the health of consumers, provides education and information to let public more understand the importance of healthy living.


Provide professional and high quality green household products.

Water quality potentially affects human health, and we have to perform our responsibilities to protect environments. So how do we cleanup water pollution that we drink or use more safely and healthily? And how can we prevent or reduce water contamination?

Water is an important natural resource, but available fresh water is scarce, only 0.06% of Earth's water resources. Unfortunately, people continue adding substances to the ocean, rive that damages the environment. We should address the issue, because it is our important mission to “save the children save the earth”.