iTap alkaline water ionizer
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iTap alkaline water ionizer

ITap specifications
- 7 pieces of 99.99% titanium platinum electrolytic plate
- Japanese technology permeable membrane
- EURO patented automatic cleaning function, every four times the water will automatically start once, to protect the electrolytic plate and change the positive and negative electrolytic plate. Electrolysis plate to maintain the best condition.
- Built-in default seven mode, in response to the actual situation of the water quality to make the appropriate adjustments
- 10 layer 1 + 1 composite filter patented design to solve the single-layer filter system, the effect of insufficient number of layers, but also simple when the core for more trouble. A disassembly, can be completed within ten seconds.
- built-in current detector, encountered abnormal current activity, it will automatically stop using to protect the host system is not compromised.
- 7 different levels of water quality supply, 4 alkaline water from 8.5-10.5PH, 2 acid water from 3.5-5.5PH, a water purification 7-8PH, according to the water quality at the time, the system should be automatically adjusted accordingly .
- Low electricity consumption, save costs, there is some contribution to the green life.


Convenient Touch type Convenient use Faucet.

Auto Cleaning EURO system. Indicate filter change time by Faucet LED on/off and Melody.








Install main body at under sink, Install faucet on the sink table, Effective small kitchen space use.

LED lighting Display-Alkali water Level and Acid water level display Cam make use convenient.




Sediment filter - Removes rust, sediment, floating matter.(particle greater than 3㎛)

Calcium (chlorine removal) - Removal of residual chlorine and supplies mineral  (calcium)

Carbon particle - Removes micro pollutants such as rust, dirt, sand, and dust in water and absorbs/removes organic chemical materials such as chloric acid ingredient, trihalomethane, phenol, etc.

Anti-bacterial ceramic - Sterilization of harmful E. coli and general bacteria, removes /absorbs impurity and harmful heavy metal (Zeolite : porous material)


DARC cleaning system