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Waters Therapy Shower

Residual Chlorine Removal WATERS Therapy Shower

  • Chlorine in tap water is used to kill germs and viruses. However, chlorine is toxic. Even it is present in the slightest amount, it is still harmful and causes damage to skin and hair.
  • The residual chlorine may be absorbed through drinking water, but the astonishing fact is chlorine actually is absorbed through the skin during showering rather than in drinking water. It is because in a closed bathroom, residual chlorine volatilizes more easily and diffuses in the air. Therefore absorption of chlorine through the skin, respiratory organs during showering is 3 to 4 times than drinking water. American Medical Association has pointed out that ingesting chlorine during showering is more risky. By removing chlorine in your shower water through WATERS Therapy Shower, is your way to cleanse your body without the harmful effects of residual chlorine.
  • WATERS Therapy Shower consistently supplies Vitamin C, which can revitalize and soften skin, improve deep wrinkles, supply nutrients and moisture that keep skin healthy.

WATERS Therapy Shower with aromatherapy can help us to absorb beneficial aroma through nose, mouth, skin and mucous membrane during showering, can:

  • calm the nervous system
  • relieve tension and stress
  • beautify skin
  • directly transfer the vitality of plant to the skin
  • clean bathroom and makes it fragrant
  • activate body functions and brings happiness

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