Dr Pebble Plasma Ion Air Purifier
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Dr Pebble Plasma Ion Air Purifier


1) Healthcare Solution : Virus and Bacteria Hunter, Allergy Restraining

Applying the air purification technology, we are aiming at reducing indoor virus infection and air pollution related disease possibility to the minimum

Meanwhile, plasma discharging system of Plasmachaser technology greatly reduce the possibilty allegry from the air and protect you away from allegry in all living spaces.

2) Living Solution : Deodorization and Static Electricity Prevention

Plasmachaser-installed home appliances greatly decrease the possibility of static electricity in the air throughout daily life and deodorize chemical and smoking odor that are harmful to human body.

3) Beauty and Personal Care Solution :

Since the operation of Plasmachaser-installed home appliances creates water molecules while killing harmful virus and bacteria in the air. It becomes a moisture generator for your daily life and provide extra moisture to your skin and hair.

Sale: HK$680 (version 2)

Special price: HK$600 (paid by TNG only)

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