Nature fresh machine

Nature fresh machine

Product Features

1) The KYK 1000 has real natural Phytoncide, NOT like chemical freshener.

The phytoncide of KYK 1000 is extracted from the Cypress Tree (Hinokki) that is NOT chemically synthesized at all. The Cypress Trees are well known as they contain the highest levels of phytoncide.

2) The KYK 1000 provides you to enjoy breathing the forest indoors.

Continuous use of the KYK 1000 gives you the special air that you can breathe in a mountain or forest. Enjoy breathing the special, natural and healthy air at your home.

3) Completely Hygienic, no cleaning required

All conventional Air purifiers typically require frequent cleaning as well as filters & frequent filter changes.
Refills for odor control typically are chemically synthesized fragrances. The forest (Cypress) natural phytoncide KYK 1000 is specially designed to be maintenance free to cleaning. The KYK 1000 is completely hygienic for your home.

4) Highly concentrated phytoncide that is naturally from forests for your home

In order to provide you maximum effects, KYK supplies a high concentration of Phytoncide.
There is 1,000ml per each cartridge that lasts long for approx 30 days, 10-12 hrs per day. Please note that replacement will vary depending on temperature and humidity where the KYK 1000 is placed.

Sale: HK$2,850